Thunderstorms are raging
Inside and out

my dreams write stories about us

so here i am

the crumpled remains of a dream long forgotten
a dream full of bright smiles and happy thoughts
“i can do this and that”

the world fed me dreams
of how it would accept me
they painted a corner for me, showed it off
told me how much fun it would be, shouted it at me
but forgot to give me the instruction manual

in the end, i had to repaint it myself
the original coat, the one given to me
in the beginning 
is still just barely visible 
beneath layers and layers of my own paint
paint always wet, always dripping

i have smeared those crumpled dreams on these walls, too
smeared and smeared until paper was pulp
and the heels of my hands, scarred and bloody,
have kissed the stucco in a fervent game time and time over

this same world has painted another corner for another life
only years down the road
and the funny thing is,
they’ve fooled me twice
but i will make my own paint this time


Valor; Jaime/Sansa

Sansa visits the capitol for a tourney, and finds her white knight.

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she is alone

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